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Welcome to the Salon!

Unleashed sits on 9 beautiful fenced acres of horse pasture. I set out to make my salon more of a "pet resort". This is a place where pets can feel safe and at peace. The small, home style atmosphere is great for pets with anxiety or special needs. Our "One on One" style of operation allows for a more individualized experience. 

Our goal is to get your pet in and out of here as quickly and comfortably as possible. To assure a quick turn around time our appointments are booked into time slots so that your pet doesn't need to spend unneeded time here and can get back home as quickly as possible. Most grooming appointments should not take more than 2 hours unless special requests are made that might take a bit more time. We will communicate with you as your pets appointment progresses and if we need more time it will be communicated to you. 

Senior dogs and disabled dogs are more than welcome here!

If your pet needs to lay for the groom, they will lay for the groom. If they need to air dry instead of using the blow dryer, that's what they will get!


Individualized pet care is what we are all about!

When you first bring your pet to Unleashed we will talk about all the needs they may have and come up with the game plan that works best for them. No request is disregarded.

We want your pet HAPPY TO BE HERE! 

Salon with a View!
Fire Inspection Certificate
Spacious and Well Lit!
Bath Tub
Safety Gate
Certified Cat Groomer
2 Adjustable Grooming Tables
Kenchii Grooming Shears
Henry County Business License
Pet Proof Flooring
We Proudly Use Natures Specialties Products!
State of Georgia Kennel License
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